Drawing contest activity on the topic of the season in 2023.

There were a large number of participants submitting work for the drawing contest on the topic of the season which received awards in both Thailand and Japan and the winning photos will be displayed on the Vuteq Asia desk calendar as well. Congratulations to all the winners.

Merit-making activities during the New Year 2023.

The company’s merit-making activities have been held every year in which all executives and employees will prepare things to join in making merit and giving alms in the morning and there will be Don’t drink and Drive campaign during the New Year’s long holiday.

Kaizen activities 2023

The company organizes Kaizen activities every year so that each department can propose ways to improve the way each department works and increase work efficiency continuously. I would like to congratulate you too.

Blood donation

Vuteq Asia Company Limited employees participated in blood donation activities which will receive donations once every 4 months.

Scholarship awarding ceremony for children of outstanding students for the year 2023

The company has a policy to provide scholarships for children of employees. To promote the children of employees who have good academic performance and encourage the children of employees to be knowledgeable and have self-development all the time. This year we have a small gift. Such as learning equipment given to provide morale and encouragement […]

Songkran Festival activities

All executives and employees will prepare things to join in making merit by giving alms to monks, paying homage to the shrine, pouring water on Buddha images, and pouring water on the heads of elders. Send employees home and campaign for safety in traveling home. This activity is organized to be careful and reduce accidents […]