Transportation / Logistics


The logistics management business of Vuteq Asia Co., Ltd. can be considered 60% of the total business that it operates and has always been trusted by customers It can be considered as the main business that is ready to provide the most services to customers, which is divided into 3 types of logistics management as follows:


Transportation work of Vuteq Asia Company Limited, professional transportation services. With more than 25 years of experience, every truck is equipped with a satellite tracking system. (GPS) and real time camera/MDVR take care and follow up on the transportation status at all times. This ensures that the products will arrive at their destination on time according to the customer’s desired schedule and currently, the company’s transportation.

Type of Services.

Vehicle Type

14 wheels, side-opening trailer (20 cabinet doors)

Weight (Tons)

37 (Tons)

Quantity (Trucks)

33 (Trucks)

6 wheels, side opening (10 cabinet doors)

Weight (Tons)

15 (Tons)

Quantity (Trucks)

50 (Trucks)

6 wheels, side opening (gull wing door)

Weight (Tons)

15 (Tons)

Quantity (Trucks)

12 (Trucks)

18 wheels, semi-trailer (special vehicle)

Weight (Tons)

45 (Tons)

Quantity (Trucks)

14 (Trucks)

A service team of over 260 people

The driver’s working hours shall not exceed 12 hours per day

  • Health screening must be conducted before starting work every day.

Truck equipment

  • Real time camera/MDVR, GPS

Food and drug transportation.

Food and drugs transportation work. There is a type of transport that requires temperature control (can reach temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius) and is not temperature controlled.

Warehouse Management System

The warehouse management work of Vuteq Asia Limited is to manage all types related to inventory. From small to large, including system access control, supplemented by transportation services. Improve logistics efficiency

Rental Area

– The warehouse covers an area of 4,832 square meters.
– The floor bearing capacity is 2 tons/square meter.
– Three-phase power system
– 24-hour security.